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Anti Money Laundering, the tool that helps you with your obligations under anti-money laundering legislation, has been approved by FPS Economy, the control body of the real estate sector. This means that if you use the application as intended, you will be deemed to be in compliance with your anti-money laundering obligations. Anti Money Laundering offers you different subscriptions tailored to the size of your office. This allows you to choose the subscription that best suits your needs, allowing you to conduct your transactions at an attractive rate.

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Every BIV-recognized real estate agent can use the Anti Money Laundering tool.
Both the anti money laundering responsable and the office employees can connect and register in order to fulfill their anti money laundering obligations.

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The Anti Money Laundering tool will guide you through the screening of your clients (and contracting parties) and will advise you concerning client acceptation. Next, you can calculate the risk profile of your clients (and contracting parties). Finally, all parties can be combined in a transaction of which the risk profile can be calculated as well.

Calculating the risk profiles is done by following a "wizard" allowing you to answer all necessary questions and to add all documents of proof.

If the tool advises that an increased vigilance is necessary, the contact or transaction in question can immediately be reported. The Anti Money Laundering responsable can evaluate each declaration of his office employees and, if necessary, declare it to the CFI (Financial information processing unit).

The Reports-page allows both the office employee and the Anti Money Laundering responsable to follow up on possible reports that have been made.

All of your activity (contacts, transactions,...) within the tool can be easily consulted using the search function. To comply with your obligations, everything is stored for a duration of minimum 5 years after ending your relation with the contact or transaction.

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